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TrenLot's TalosBarrel is an IoT platform for monitoring, optimizing, and innovating the craft of wine and whisky aging.

Save money, improve quality. It’s simple

The $200 Billion global wine and whisky market is healthy and growing. Historically winemakers could only use preventative measures to ensure some degree of quality. TrenLot has developed a suite of innovative sensors that continuously monitor quality from farm to bottle providing new proactive quality monitoring.

Introducing the TalosBarrel.

The TrenLot TalosBarrel service is a simple monthly fee per barrel that includes an IoT (Internet of things) connected bung loaded with sensors. There is no equipment cost to the winery, just use our wireless barrel bungs. You can easily upload your assets from an Excel or other formats and quickly get started. We provide the easy to install equipment that streams data to the TrenLot cloud—just add Internet. We include our cloud services, laden with a range of features to help manage your most valuable asset, your products. TalosBarrel enables the Connected Winery, providing constant monitoring and analysis designed to alert you of possible issues so that you can make adjustments before quality suffers. Start removing uncertainty, and benefitting: Optimize top-off schedules, Inexpensively monitor cellar temperature and humidity to ensure proper environments, Bungs can pop out of barrels… an uncovered barrel may go a month without being noticed resulting in a lost barrel, Identify problems with enough time to do something about the issue.

TalosBarrel Features

 Real time analytics

Watch your barrels in real-time to ensure they're aging properly and improve operational consistency.

 Business as usual

Use out TalosBarrel connect bungs as you would normally in your process, no need to change any are doing. No wires, no clutter, no mess.

 Work more efficiently

Quickly identify barrels that may need topping off or futher examination.

 Predict problems

Benefit from our patent pending predictive algorithms for identifying barrels that need attention before quality thresholds are breached.

 Gather data profiles

The TalosBarrel is packed with wireless sensors that constantly gather data on your wine or whisky. Benefit from a multitude of data tools that help identify your ideal aging profile.

 Improve your craft

TrenLot is dedicated to providing the tools to help you make better wine and whisky.


Displays vital winery data so “you” can spend more time doing what “you” do best – making great wine; and winery owners can deliver more great wine to the market.


Gain detailed understanding of barrel variation within lots with data analysis and reporting.


Improve quality and consistency over time by developing ideal barrel data profiles with constant analysis and predictive algorithms.

Who are we?

TrenLot, Inc. is a startup company focused on bringing IoT solutions to the wine and whisky production markets. We are working with a select number of wineries to develop and refine our TalosBarrel service.

We are a team of technology and business professionals with years of experience in IoT, Big Data, Design, Machine Learning development, IT integration, Data Acquisition, Analysis, Mathematics, Predictive Modeling, design, and customer service. We build platforms.

Interested in participating in our beta?

We are working with a select number of wineries to develop and refine our TalosBarrel service, if you are a winery interested in evaluating our service while in development, please contact us at:


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TrenLot, Inc. is a startup company focused on the global wine and whisky industry. Check back frequently for updates


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